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Mold Development

Custom Mold
For Your Precise Extrusion Needs

Inside our 200,000 ㎡-factory, there's a specialized mold storage & maintenance workshop.
Carrying over 100,000 stock molds, CPA is able to meet your needs for aluminum extrusions in a wide array of applications.

However, we don’t expect your design to fit into any particular mold.
Working with the leading mold making factories, we can help you develop the one-of-the-kind mold
to produce your aluminum extrusions with high precision.

Our Rigorous Process
For Developing The Best Mold

mold design discussion

Mold Design Discussion

After you confirm your design, our technician will discuss your needs in details with the specialized mold designers of the tool development factory.

mold testing

Mold Testing

We don't use the custom tool in mass production immediately.
Instead, we test it in our factory with our own extruding machines.

mold modification

In-house Mold Modification

If possible modifications are required to make, our mold repairing engineers will quickly fine-tune the mold in our in-house workshop.

sample production

Sample Production

Then we'll manufacture a sample aluminum profile using the modified mold with proper extrusion press under the right temperature.

sample inspection

Sample Inspection

Dimensions and surface of the sample will be carefully inspected to see if the mold creates a precise & eye-pleasing result.

mold workshop

Mold Confirmation

Only when the sample meets all the requirements of your design will we confirm the mold and use it in our mass production.

Need Mold Development For Your Unique Aluminum Extrusion?

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