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Packaging & Delivery

Custom Protective Packaging

To ensure your aluminum profile arrive safe & sound without surface scratches,CPA offers you multi-layer protective packaging with a FREE custom logo printing service available to showcase your brand messages.

  • 1st Protection

  • 2nd Protection

  • 3rd Protection

  • aluminum profile packing

    1st Protection

    Plastic Film to protect the surface from scratches and convey your brand messages.

  • aluminum profile packing

    2nd Protection

    Shrink film that resists tampering and protect the product from moisture and dust.

  • aluminum profile packing

    3rd Protection

    PE foam wrapped around both ends protect the profile from shock & vibration during transportation.

Want to customize your packaging with other materials?

Just-In-Time Delivery. Always.

We understand your requirements to get your aluminum profiles into the market or production quickly.At CPA, we provide timely, specialized and comprehensive solutions to address freight management and logistics needs.

All finished products are stored in our on-site facility.
When everything is ready, the products are loaded into the containers and transported to the nearest seaport for delivery.

aluminum profile warehouse
aluminum profile delivery

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