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How We Help In Solar Industry

Aluminum Extrusion

We produce 6063/6061/6082/6005 series aluminum extrusion to our customers , meeting different requirements in most of the projects . The aluminum profile enjoys strength in high criteria and is easy to move and install at site .


Most of projects requires finishing to the material as it’s of anti-corrosion . We offer finish including anodizing to protect the material to be of lower maintenance cost and stay a longer lifespan.Contact usto talk about the details.


We arrange the production based on the project deadline and could help prepare stocks to avoid shortage at site . All aluminum profile will be pack in protective material to be safe during transportation and at site.

CNC Service

We also provide CNC processing to serve customers in solar industry . Our promise to all valued customers is consistent quality and quick reaction. We aspire to help our clients to stand out in the industry, contact us today for your specific needs.

why aluminum profile in Solar power

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    Light weight yet high strength

    Aluminum is light-weighted than steel so it is taking the place of steel in the solar energy .It is easy to move and install at project site. While the material strength is high enough to support and load the solar panel without deforming . It is the material of consistent quality

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    Quick installation and project completion

    Due to its light weight , aluminum profile helps quicken the installation of solar power generation and shorten the project completion, which also lead to lower labor cost and transportation charges . It is material of economic effectiveness.

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    Applicable to different projects

    Considering its advantages , aluminum profile can be used in outdoor PV and CSP project , as well as the Building- integrated photovoltaics projects . It has been approved to be the perfect material to the solar industry .

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    Recyclable with economical benefits

    Aluminum profile is the green material and can be recycled , also it is easy to be processed to fit the application of solar power . The material added finishing could be anti-corrosion and keep all the solar power station at lower maintenance cost.

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