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Industries we served

Engineering construction

The application calls for high strength and being of anti-corrosion to ensure safety , lower maintenance cost , and longer lifespan in high-rise structural engineering construction.

Frame ,fence, and support platform

T-slotted aluminum profile is used widely in frame ,fence, and support platform assembling to promise the safety of worker and equipment around industrial area. It is also of anti-dust , anti corrosion and is easier to install and move due to its lighter weight.

Special vehicle and auto

The auto industry is looking for light weight solution.And aluminum profile could be used as material of structural frame and accessories for bus, coach, and other heavy vehicles. It help the industry to reach the purpose of being light yet strong.

Lighting Industry

Indoor and outdoor lighting industry now prefer to choose aluminum profile as material,which is ornamental and could be with further CNC processing to create amazing design.

Heat Sink and battery box

Due to its excellent heating and cooling property , aluminum profile is used often in heat sink manufacturing for many industrial products. With CNC processing and surface treatment, it is also the perfect material for the battery box .

Other application

Aluminum profile can be used in countless industrial applications , we are aspiring to help you with our experiences and expertise . Pls contact us for further discussion .

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Quality Assurance

Manufacturing in-house allows us to oversee the quality of your industrial aluminum extrusions throughout the whole production process, from extruding to finishing & packaging.

100% Flexibility

We don’t expect your design to fit into any particular mold. Working closely with the mold making factory gives us the flexibility to produce profiles to the exact shape whatever the application is.

Value-added Cutting Service

With sophisticated cutting machines in-house, we can offer precise cutting for your industrial aluminum profile like those for the assembly lines, giving you an easier job in the later-on production or installation.

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