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Our Quality Aluminum Extrusions Process

pre heating


We heat the billet & die to a suitable temperature and ensure they are heated uniformly.



We load the billet in the press container where a cam pushes it into the container and then the die.



The profiles are put onto the stretcher to correct the length distortion caused by the previous steps.



We get the heat out quickly and achieve the required strength requirement with quenching.



Qualified extrusions are put into the aging oven to bring the material back to its original hardness.



After aging, profiles are transported to the specialized workshop to add finishes like anodized finishes.

Inspection Into Every Details

  • Surface & Shape

  • Dimension

  • Mechanical Properties

  • Finish

  • Packaging

  • surface inspection

    Surface & Shape

    No Scratch. No Distortion.

    No matter how experienced we are in aluminum extrusions, distortion may happen sometimes.

    With inspectors working in the extruding line, we carefully check each batch to exclude that aluminum with surface scratches & distortion.

    So what you receive are all quality extrusions in perfect and right shapes.

  • dimension inspection


    Consistent Dimensions. Tight Tolerance.

    To ensure the dimensions of your custom aluminum profiles are consistent with the drawing and kept within tight tolerance, after extrusion, our inspector carefully measures the width, length & other dimensions with a caliper.

    Only qualified profiles will be transported for further cutting & finishing.

  • mechanical property inspection

    Mechanical Properties

    Tests For The Harsh Appliactions

    Though each aluminum profile is put into the aging oven to bring it back to the original hardness, we still conduct mechanical tests like hardness test, tensile test & bending test to ensure the extrusions can survive in the harshest environment & applications.

  • finish inspection


    Smooth Finish. Uniform Color.

    After finishing , our inspector checks the surface carefully to make sure the surface is smooth & free of the bubble.

    A coating gauge is used to measure the thickness, and the color is compared with the design drawing to guarantee everything is consistent with the requirements.

  • inspection before packing


    Inspect Before Packing

    Our worker conducts an overall visual inspection to ensure everything is right before packaging.

    Each aluminum profile is packed in multiple custom layers as per your requirements to protect against any crash or collision during transportation.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturing, Made Precise & Efficient!